The White Owls



The White Owls formed in 1984 with a goal to play original music and covers that reflected the 12 string sounds of the ’80s ‘New Wave’ (XTC, Police, REM, Smiths) and the British Invasion sound of the 1960’s. The initial line-up included Jim Kastner on Rickenbacker 12 and 6 string guitars and background vocals, Kevin Kaufman on a fretless Fender P bass, Peter Trappen on lead vocals and guitar, and George Anderson on drums and percussion (also John Lambert). They recorded 10 original songs at New River Studios in Ft. Lauderdale with Jeffrey Wood producing [Housemartins, Giant Sand, Luka Bloom]. Mark Doyle played keyboards on the recording.

Tragedy struck when their manager Fred Hennesey (Aerosmith and others) was killed in a car accident. The band then lost it’s lead guitarist when Kastner entered a Buddist Monastary. Many critics felt that their song “Circles In Her Eyes” could have/would have been a hit. The band went through many changes after that: Rossano replaced Kastner in ’87 and “The White Owls” concentrated their attention on ’60s Retro Rock. Trappen left in 1988 and moved to London. He was replaced with Rik Rasmussen on keyboards and guitar. Rossano and Rasmussen knew each other from their time in the local legendary band, “Ricky and The Rocketships”.

Returning in 1990, Trappen and Kastner formed “the Shivers” with Shan Frogel on bass, and John Sluggett on drums (also Scott Lulfs, Robert Hill & Rick Tucker). The White Owls and the Shivers traded members with each other until around ’94 when Rossano and Anderson left the Owls to start “The Dillengers” and Kaufman concentrated on his music store “Kaufman Danzaer Instruments”. Trappen and Rasmussen reformed the White Owls with Bruce Creamer on bass and Al Smith on drums. Jim Kastner left to start a dive shop in the Dutch Antilles eventually finding his way to Belgium where he recorded several songs under the bandname “Watersense”. He died suddenly while visiting Palm Beach in 1996. Rossano and Anderson re-joined the band 1997 and the White Owls played clubs, private parties and festivals until 2005. The current line-up is on hiatus but get together on special occasions.

Rick Rossano – Vocals, Lead & Bass Guitar
Kevin Kaufman – Vocals & Bass Guitar
Rik Rasmussen – Vocals & Keyboards.
George Anderson – Vocals, Drums & Percussion